AR PMMA 高穿透抗反射壓克力蓋板,穿透率高於99%,超低反射是視窗的最佳推薦製品。
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AR PMMA(壓克力)對比於無機玻璃的基材具有超高穿透、低反射、重量輕、安全及不易破裂等優點,泰懋科技採用日本三菱化學的高品質壓克力作為基材,
壓克力本體含有UV CUT(380nm以下)的功能。泰懋科技採用自行研發的特殊製程進行抗反射Anti-Reflection鍍膜,具有高信賴、優異附著性及光學性能,


High Performance Optical Coating Technical.
SBI Material Technology ,coating technical provides high performance coating for various applications, the high efficiency coating for industrial,medical /surgical,commercial,military, telematics, touch panel and relating optoelectronics.etc., the wide selection of coating is applied through electron beam and ion-assisted electron beam deposition and own design wet dipping coating technology to control the optical performance, likes reflectance, transmittance, absorbance, resistance and others special design.
Coating thin film from metal to Oxide material, the optical wave-lengthen from 300nm to 1500nm, from the ultraviolet (UV) to the far infrared (IR) range, the coating products have anti-Reflection(AR), anti-glare(AG), band pass filters, anti-foggy, hard coating for plastics substrate, metal coating for decoration ,high reflectance coating , half mirror coating ,anti-smudge and anti-finger coating .wide range selection which can enhance your competitive on market.